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Our Mission

Our mission is to drive forward the 3 A's: Affordability, Accessibility and Authenticity of healthcare around the world and starting in Africa. 

We do this by unlocking the power of healthcare data in order to become the go-to provider of healthcare market intelligence in Africa. 

photo of the Kapsule team

Our Story

photo of the Kapsule team

Since 2020, Kapsule has been working with stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to both capture data which does not exist anywhere else and to return critical insights from existing data. 


We have built products which digitalise  processes, allowing for significantly more data points to be captured than legacy pen & paper. 


Pharmaceutical manufacturers can surveil their supply chains, identifying bottlenecks.


Pharmacies and Warehouses can accurately make and fulfill orders, manage inventory and arrange logistics.


Healthcare providers can easily track key performance indicators with our dashboard that supercharges EMRs.


Multinationals pharmaceuticals and NGOs have the data to enter new markets and track the movement of key products.


Government bodies are given birds-eye and granular insights to the progress of health programs.

Kapsule is quickly becoming the go-to provider of healthcare market intelligence on the ground in Africa. 

Leadership Team

david photo



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An accomplished professional with an academic background in Genetics and over 6 years of pharmaceutical consulting experience, developing data-driven solutions for Fortune 500 companies. A thought leader, key note speaker, and mentor to young entrepreneurs, David's passion for advancing healthcare in Africa led him to co-found Kapsule. With a people-first approach, he drives the company's mission and inspires his team to make a meaningful impact in African Healthcare. 

hannan photo


Hannan Hashmi

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A dynamic professional with a diverse background and a strong passion for healthcare innovation. With an academic foundation in Medicine and experience in product management within the health and fitness industry, Hannan brings a unique perspective to Kapsule. As a co-founder, he leads the product strategy, combining his expertise in healthcare and technology to drive the company's mission. A true thought leader and mentor, Hannan inspires his team to create transformative solutions for African Healthcare through technology.

femi photo

CTO & Head of Engineering


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A brilliant and versatile technologist with an exceptional academic background in Computer Science & Masters in Cryptography and Cybersecurity. With a rich history as a software engineer, Femi built complex solutions for esteemed institutions in banking, teleco, insurance, and pharma. He excels in training and empowering developers, fostering a customer-centric culture. Beyond his technical prowess, Femi's warm and welcoming management style creates a family-like atmosphere, where colleagues enjoy their work and thrive as a team at Kapsule.

vinesh photo

Chief of Strategy


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A seasoned senior pharmaceutical executive who has been bringing products to market across Africa for 15+ years. During his MBA, Vinesh developed the principles for a solution to the African pharmaceutical supply chain that was so future-sighted it needed technology to catch up. Once it did, it become Kapsule. 

Faizan photo

Full Stack Developer

Faizan Malik

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Strong technical skills and academic background in coding, engineering, and machine learning. Faizan is skilled at developing and managing  end-to-end application development.

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