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Market Intelligence

Welcome to a new era in healthcare data, where innovation meets precision to transform the landscape of pharmaceutical development and research in Africa. At Kapsule, we specialise in unlocking the power of healthcare data, delivering unparalleled insights and solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the African context. 


Our services cater specifically to Life Science companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), offering a suite of data-driven tools and expertise designed to accelerate drug discovery, ensure safety, and optimize clinical trials. Embrace the power of data with us and pioneer the future of healthcare in Africa.


Our Market Intelligence

Accelerate drug discovery, ensure safety, and optimize clinical trials


Feasibility Studies

Leveraging our extensive data repository, we augment in-depth feasibility studies tailored to the African healthcare landscape. Our studies encompass patient demographics, disease prevalence, and treatment patterns, ensuring you make informed decisions about your clinical trials. We help you understand the likelihood of patient recruitment success, regulatory landscapes, and logistical considerations, significantly reducing risks and uncertainties in your trial planning.


Site Selection

We use sophisticated data analytics to identify the most suitable sites for your clinical trials across Africa. Our selection process factors in patient population, site capabilities, previous trial performance, and logistical feasibility. This targeted approach ensures faster recruitment, better compliance, and optimal trial outcomes. By focusing on the right sites, we help you achieve efficiency in timelines and costs.


Real-World Studies

Our real-world studies provide you with actionable insights for drug development and commercialization strategies. We analyze data from a variety of sources, including electronic health records, insurance claims, and patient registries, to give you a comprehensive understanding of treatment patterns, outcomes, and unmet medical needs in the African market. This data is crucial for post-market surveillance, health economics, and outcomes research.


Product Launches

When launching new products, understanding the market is key. We offer detailed market analysis, identifying potential patient populations and key opinion leaders. Our data-driven approach provides insights into market dynamics, competitor activities, and emerging trends, ensuring your product launch is backed by comprehensive and region-specific intelligence. This service is designed to maximize the impact and success of your product in the African healthcare market.


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