Driving Affordable, Accessible, and Authentic
healthcare across the world

There is a data vacuum
in emerging markets

Local medical facilities, government bodies, and pharma manufacturers do not have visibility into medicine demand,
health system efficiency, or supply chain performance.


At present, 400 million people do not have access to basic medical treatment.


Inefficient supply chains in developing nations force consumers to pay up to 21x compared with developed nations.


On average, 10% of medicines in developing nations are falsified or substandard resulting in millions of deaths per year.

Our Solutions

We are enabling the systematic use of healthcare data.

Tech Enablement

By offering technology enablement for health partners, we lay the digital plumbing for them to start making sense of their data archives.

Business Intelligence

With the basics set up, we then process data to provide crucial BI which helps health partners to continuously improve processes to deliver care. We also aggregate data across the market to obtain benchmarks.

Market Insights (DaaS)

With an unprecedented view of health partners we provide this data to pharma manufacturers and data aggregators to help close supply-demand gaps.
We also provide aggregated data to government bodies to optimise rollout of national health programs.


Meet David

Meet David Chen, a UK native & Co-founder & Co-CEO of Kapsule (one of the 30 startups sitting in the #HealthTechHub).

Roche Partnership

We’ll be working with Roche to innovate the way they use real-time data to support supply chain management

Interview with the BPN

David candidly shares his personal and professional journey to taking on a task many large corporations deemed impossible.


David Chen

A geneticist with over 6 years of experience in B2B development. A panellist at at several international conferences on pharmacovigilance.

Hannan Hashmi
Co-CEO/ Sales

A domain agnostic problem solver with an eclectic skill stack spanning multi-site ops, medicine, law, AI, and fit-tech.

Femi Amoo

Full stack / blockchain dev with 6+ years of exp, Femi has worked in complex cybersecurity and software development projects.

Vinesh Pramlall

Seasoned senior executive at several pharmaceutical companies. During his MBA, Vinesh developed the principles for a solution to the African pharmaceutical supply chain.

Chia Ying-Tsai
Product Designer

Our service designer who has led several healthcare projects in Taiwan and for the UK’s NHS, as well as leading the design process for a mixture of hardware products, professional services and software projects.

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Kigali Office: Norrsken Kigali House, KN 78 St, Kigali, Rwanda

London Office: 152 - 160 Kemp House City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX